Our team has expertise in several therapeutic areas:


neurologyNeurologyimmunologyImmunologyVaccines2VaccinesGastroneterology 3Gastroenterology

Thanks to our established connections with sites and expert  investigators in our region, we can provide full clinical support in many other therapeutics areas, including orphan indications


Here below is an overview of Auxiliis’ involvement in clinical studies over the past few years – This list does not include earlier studies run by previous CROs under the same management.


Indication Phase # of Studies Notes
Allergy 2-3 3 Svabhegyi – main site
Asthma 2-3 10 Svabhegyi – main site
Oncology 1-3 15
Vaccine 2-3 2
Metabolic 2 4
Neurology 2 1
Cardiology 2 1
Other 1-3 11


Please contact us for an informal inquiry or a specific feasibility study request, in any therapeutic area.