Medical device development is a strong asset within Auxiliis. We are particularly interested in paediatric applications and we can leverage our extensive network of paediatric investigators and technology provider.

Telemedicine for cardiology applications

An example of a recent project is a clinical study conducted to evaluate the paediatric version of a system designed to measure Electrocardiograms (ECG) in children. This product is based on a mobile ECG system that had been initially developed and marketed for adult use. The device works as telemedicne tool, which can be used away from the lab, at the bedside of the patient, or at any other chosen place by an expert to evaluate ECG measurements. The unique feature of this device comes from its powerful evaluation algorithm, which allows the identification of a large set of normal and potentially abnormal ECG waveforms

A clinical study was conducted by Auxiliis on 142 young patients (male and female patients between the age of 12-18), to evaluate the device’ efficacy and accuracy to detect various ECG abnormalities.

The study could confirm that the product is a valuable and safe medical device for the detection of potentially significant ECG abnormalities in younger patients too, thus supporting further development and optimisation for paediatric applications.