Auxiliis has recently completed a project is in the area of Digital TomoSynthesis (DTS), an emerging radiological procedure. The advantage of the DTS technology is, essentially, a much better image quality with an acceptable radiation dose. This technology is currently adopted for adult patients but regular use of the device in children has not been established yet.

Auxiliis is actively participating in the development of a new DTS device. The prototype of the equipment was initially made by Innomed Medical Inc. and It has been validated and used mainly for the diagnosis of various pulmonary diseases in adults.  Auxiliis’ task is to find identify the primary uses of this technology and conduct relevant clinical studies in preparation for possible use in the paediatric population.

Auxiliis planned and carried a clinical trial in adult patients in order to further evaluate the safety and performance of this technology prior to paediatric use.

The study was a retrospective, cross-sectional, non-interventional, comparative study that involved a total of 696 patients. Its primary objectives was to evaluate the use of DTS in supporting radiological diagnostics of the lung, as well as compare DTS’ accuracy with routine chest X-ray and conventional computer tomography (CT). The study allowed to draw conclusion of the applicability of this tool for diagnostic purposes and pointed to specific applications, which may be further safely explored in younger patients