Auxiliis operates in strategic collaboration with our associated paediatric clinic in Budapest: Svabhegyi Children Clinic, an outpatient centre that is co-located with Auxiliis.

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Svabhegyi Children Clinic has more than 50 years of track record in the areas of allergy and paediatric respiratory diseases as it was the National Centre of Excellence for these therapeutic areas. A wider clinical knowledge has been developing over the years and the clinic has forged close ties with Auxiliis in support of clinical studies, taking advantage of the latest technical equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Svabhegyi Children clinic handles approximately 20,000 patient visits every year, with the number of new patients increasing year by year.

The clinic currently offers specialist expertise in several therapeutic areas, including allergy, pulmonology, ear-nose-throat, cardiology, neurology oncology, neonatology, psychiatry and vaccines. The clinic is open during working days and treatment is partly covered by the National Health Insurance. Modern diagnostic tools, diagnostic lab and X-ray tools are available. Clinical studies are routinely run in the clinic and the young patients have the chance to spend time in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Auxilis has also strong professional connections with the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) Hungary, which it co-founded in 2013. MCRN Hungary connects the best-in-class paediatric hospitals and expert investigators in the country.


Auxiliis has access to a network of more than 200 paediatricians in Hungary and we are gradually expanding these connections to other countries in Central Eastern Europe, thus forming an extensive regional network. Auxiliis can also recruit and run trials in Western Europe thanks to our local collaborators.

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Auxiliis has three offices: headquarters in Amsterdam, offices in Budapest and soon in Philadelphia, USA.
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